We have a new arrival! This little 4 mos old shepherd girl came from FW Shelter today. Remember what she looks like now, nearly hairless from mange... you won’t recognize her in a month!
Her name is Ava and we are grateful to foster Karen Yoong for falling in love with her just like we did!
If you’d like to help with any of her costs you can PayPal us at: ninjapaws@yahoo.com and note it’s for Ava.

Special Help Needed! 

We helped with a "hoarding situation" this past week, and it will take some time, money, and extra love to help this situation.    Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. 

We especially need Foster help. 

Please email Ninjapaws@yahoo.com, if you feel there is some way that you can help with this tragic hoarding situation.
Help is needed in every way.   
Many thanks to all who have already helped and also made donations.   

You can find more information on all our pets at our Facebook site, or

through our Petfinders website.  

THANK YOU for your Support

Also, there are 3 beautiful labs at tiny Sansom Park that need immediate help.  They're likely 2-3 years old, two black females and one gold male.   

Call 817-626-2921, to get more information.