Kelly Brandt

Co-Founder of Ninja Paws Rescue
A little of this and a lot of that as pertains to rescue - foster coordinator, Adoptions, medical issues liaison, bookkeeping

Danna Quintana
Co-Founder of Ninja Paws Rescue, Transporter, Petfinder updates, Adoptions, and whatever else needs to be handled

Libby Gilmore

General Technology Nerd,

Store Manager, and

Lover of Ninja Paws Rescue 

Holly Labovitz
Co-Founder of Ninja Paws Rescue
Cat Whisperer and bottle feeder plus plus, adoptions, party planner

Miguel Hughes

Tireless volunteer that works with our "harder to adopt" dogs to find them just the right homes

Holly Edwards
Writer-in-Residence for Ninja Paws Rescue, and proud family member of 3 rescues